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A Lami-nated Valentine’s – Valentine’s Surprise Album Lovers Therapy, Twitter Giveaways and Love Notes from Lami

It is Valentine’s and Afro Soul Queen Lami Phillips has some amazing Valentine’s presents for her fans. An acoustics album of Lami’s cover of timeless love songs, Lovers Therapy is the first surprise.

“So here are the acoustic covers by Lami and some important facts: These are unrehearsed and unscripted, we literally get in the studio, gist about what we are feeling and go with it. All live recordings – we leave any mistakes in. No auto tune on the vocals. Oh dear!” says Lami speaking of Lovers Therapy.

“I love performing live. I like being vulnerable with the audience. I like surprising myself,” Lami adds.

“I hope you enjoy this. This isn’t for people with closed minds, not for those who want “pampamjigijigi” or for people with ‘inner battle.’ It is for music lovers, for happy people. Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband, daughter and everyone out there celebrating the truth in love!”


Lovers Therapy includes Lami’s fabulous vocals giving second life to some of our favourite love songs including “Ex-factor”, “Fallin’” first premiered earlier this year by Classic FM 97.3 as well as a selection of love songs from her first album Intution ­– “Love”, “Find” and “Him.”  The album also has the brand new “Lovers Therapy” and an earlier single, “Jara.”

Let’s see what the soulful songstress had to say about her song choices for this release.


I think this mirrors a journey of self-discovery for me. In trying to define love, I realized I had a lot of learning to do. Love is not just a feeling. I believe it’s way bigger, more profound than that. Love is a decision; it’s a commitment. Love is in many ways so simple and yet so seemingly complex… Isn’t it?


There’s a medley of Lauryn Hills “Ex-factor” with John Legend’s “Ordinary People.” For some reason, I felt the two songs were connected. There is a certain sense of frustration and surrender in both songs. I remember hearing the song “Ex-factor” I was going for a run and heard her say, “Tell me who I have to be, to get some reciprocity.” That totally killed me. The truth is maybe sometimes love doesn’t make sense, maybe sometimes the person our heart identifies with is the person with the most power to hurt… Who knows?

“Fallin Again”

When I heard what I had done with this medley, I thought, I hope they get it. There’s so much going on there, vocally and lyrically. We didn’t plan it that way. It kind of just happened. Alicia Keys’s “Fallin’” served as a fab intro to this medley. Mary J’s “I’m Going Down” was actually a challenging one to transition from into Janet Jacksons “Again.” Surprisingly Janet’s voice was the toughest to cover because it is so delicate and deliberate and requires control.

“Find Me”

“Maybe I’m lost and I can’t tell; maybe you’re here and I can’t feel you” ­ – just a girl needing love to find her, to meet her where she is…Wish I could explain better. Guess you have to listen.


This one is an excerpt from my INTUITION project. I got a lot of people sending messages that I didn’t promote it… I wrote it for my darling husband. It’s one I love to perform live. “Before stars were stars and man was made; before birds could fly and I could sing; before hearts could love, we were joined and we are one”  – favorite part of that song.


“Jara” in Yoruba means more, or extra. I wrote this song on vacation. It’s simple. I recorded it live with Femi Temowo in England. He said, “Sing it simple and soft, no need to show off vocals. It’s too sweet a song to abuse with vanity!” I love the end: “You deserve me honestly; you complete me sincerely. Baby, you do.”

“Lovers Therapy”

Oooooh child… I leave this one on repeat because I was bold (some might say crazy) enough to cover Sade Adu’s “Sweetest Taboo”; Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You” here.  The studio was very quiet when we did this; the band was probably thinking, Lami, godspeed!  Honestly though, this one is for lovers only. It’s calm, sexy, groovy and sensual… Enjoy!


This is not all though. There is more to Lami’s Valentine’s surprises. Number One Soul Sister may have some fantastic giveaways in store today for her Twitter fans to make their Valentine’s Day just that little bit more special.

And yet there is more. Lami will also be giving away two tickets for a dinner party at Prive where fellow soul singer Nneka will be performing.


While her evening is dedicated to a soulful Valentines outing where Lami is looking forward to meeting her two lucky fans, Valentine’s will see the singer, as a partner with Bethesda Child Support Agency, visiting a school for the less privileged. An OXFAM and UN ambassador, Lami is passionate about giving back to the less fortunate and this visit is yet another from the singer who previously worked with Red Cross and homes for the less privileged.

In her February cover interview with Complete Fashion, Lami promised her fans “good music throughout 2014.” If Lovers Therapy is a sign of what is to come from the Lami camp this year, we cannot wait for more.