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Styling RAAAH for Africa International Fashion Week


RAAAH debuted her Fly/Fly High collection in Lagos, a collection all about being edgy yet elegant and classy and alongside it was the new pre-fall collection ‘Argento’ another stroke of elegance and couture.


As RAAAH’s runway stylist I got to play around with seamlessly working these two gorgeous collections together and play I did. Inspired by the edginess of the looks and the playful undertones of sexy that lay within the collection I figured why not highlight both those elements – make it playful and sexy – with lace front bunny ears.

raaah bunny ears


Yes normally you’d think Halloween or that the collection would have to have something like an Alice in Wonderland kind of theme but despite all of this there’s something about RAAAH’s Fly/Fly High and Argento collections that just worked; besides I like pushing boundaries and kind of thinking outside of the box. We’d done the dramatic sunglasses look at AFWL which was more on the edgy side to now playing with the sexy with lace. So without taking too much away from her collection the ears added that element of playful sexy and I really think the models pulled it off.