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Lami Shows Toke How to “Preserve the Sexy”

Every girl has a weakness, be it shoes, handbags, or food. Check out what Lami’s weakness is Yomi Black’s Video Hit Show and host Toke Makinwa meet up with the Afro soul diva to dig in and find out not only her plans for the rest of the year but also her biggest weakness.

“Everyone has a weakness, and it was pretty hard finding out Lami’s own. But trust Team VHS not to let you down, as we send out our head hunter Toke Makinwa to do the damage and make Lami lose control,” said Yomi about the video.

About the VHS skit, Lami said, “Yomi and I brainstormed. I thought it would be fun to make fun of myself. Lately I’ve been focused on being me and having fun.”


“Anyone who knows me well knows I have a passionate love affair with good food so we decided to poke fun. Plus I had gained some weight so it seemed apt that we make it all about food!” the singer continued.

Back in the studio and releasing a series of Acoustics with Lami, Afro soul diva is back and having now shed the weight, fighting fit, but this funny VHS skit shows just how easy it is to tease Lami with good food.