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Lami Phillips Covers Love Oasis Magazine

LOIssue10A-2Lami is fast becoming the icon of love in Nigerian entertainment, it seems. Perhaps it is about her nuggets of wisdom to single women or always putting family first in her Instagram posts, or perhaps it is her soulful love songs and covers of classic love songs, AfroSoul diva is now the nadir of married bliss. And hence, just months after her Complete Fashion cover, Lami covered the 10th issue of Love Oasis Magazine, where each issue features a married personality.

Inside, Lami opens up about career, family life and her “beautiful world.”

On growing up, living and studying in three countries: 

I have awesome parents and siblings so we made each day an adventure. I was raised to be open minded and welcome new experiences. So each change was seen as a positive challenge. Living in Lagos, different cities in England and then differing cities in England and then different states in America; I learnt to appreciate how different we all are and what each person brings to the table. Mostly, I learnt to discover myself.

On challenges of being a UN Envoy and Oxfam Ambassador: 

Cutting through red tape in NGOs. Getting funding for important projects and just getting people to care enough. For example, with the Chibok girls’ situation, I tried to engage so many NGOs but nothing concrete came of it.

On her definition of a good man: 

My dad, my husband, my brother. The male friends in my circle. A real man understands the worth of a woman and how to celebrate her. A real man backs up his words with action. A real man is dependent on God and not himself. A real man is confident yet humble. A real man helps you grow as a person and never puts you down. I can go on…

On managing limelight and marriage: 

I don’t pay attention to the limelight. Music is my job. It comes after God and family. Once your priorities are straight, you will manage yourself and your time better. Most importantly you depend on God’s grace and wisdom.

Why not read the rest of the interview on Love Oasis?

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